Packing and Delivery of the 7ft Eye Door Window to Uk Leave a comment

Our costumer from UK order us our beautiful 7 ft Eye Door Window. Which we carefully pack it in a wooden ply box for extra safety. Firstly we lay a layer of bubble and then we place our door window and we take out the tolan which we separately wrap it with the layer of newspaper and bubble wrap and place it in top of the window, then we put some Styrofoam in the box so the window does not move. Then we place a double layer of bubble wrap in top and bottom so the ply lid which is place in the top does not scratch the carving of the window and as it also prevent it from breaking.

After closing it with the layer of ply as a lid, we nail the lid in place and then the product is ready to be deliver to your door steps. We send the product to the courier service the they weight it then the final charge will be give then every thing is ok then you will receive a tracking number which will let you know where your product is. We assure that your product is safe and is reached at your door steps safely.

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